Know inside out about the shift manager

Who is a shift manager?

In the hospitality industry, a shift manager or shift supervisor is the core person who is responsible for managing the shifts for the staff of the restaurant.


What are their responsibilities?

Apart from managing the shifts, restaurant supervisor or manager responsibilities are to hire, train, and at times relieve the employees working in their team. Based on the size of the restaurant, there can be either one shift supervisor or multiple in order to manage and cover the shifts.


The managers have to be available across the clock in order to check on the cooking, maintenance, and other staff members. They are accountable for tracking and monitoring activities of the employees, ensuring the types of equipment usage and working conditions, ordering of the supplies, and ensuring that all the inventory is available so that the restaurant runs smooth.


Shift supervisors skills require noting down the customer complaints and concerns in case of any issue escalation. Few shift supervisors ensure that the guests feel welcomed by maintaining individual contact. This will help in leveraging the restaurant’s growth.


What should be the qualification?

Are you someone who is looking for a shift manager or restaurant supervisor’s job, but do not have any formal education? Rest assured! Few restaurants do prefer some college education, but a larger number of restaurants generally look for previous food industry experience and not education.


Many shift supervisors have attained that level by slowing climbing up the ladder from a basic level. They usually, join in as a server or any other level and then upgrade their skills to attain the managerial level.


Job prospects

As the food industry is an evergreen industry, then it is but natural to have the requirement for a shift manager. The prospects for this job is brighter in the future. But, one has to ensure that they are properly skilled to fit in the managerial level. For this, one needs to be adept with the restaurant rules, and attain some previous food industry experience.


How will the working environment be?

Being a shift manager, mostly you have been on the foot for long hours. This job might require the individual to work at odd hours in order to track and monitor the staff in that late hour. There are fewer chances that a shift manager is in the office, as they need to be a channel between the customer and the staff. Apart from bridging the gap, the supervisor needs to keep a record of the happenings around the restaurant by doing some paperwork.


The job of a shift manager comes with great responsibility and a good package. The salary differs from restaurant to restaurant. Few restaurants also give health benefits, paid vacation, and other such benefits.


How to apply for a shift manager job?

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