Culinary arts – continuation

As promised! Here I am with more information on chefs, steps on how to become a chef, schools catering to a chef, and lots more. So, buckle up for the next part of the culinary story. The steps to becoming a chef need not be executed in the following way but the information can help you a path in the right direction.

  1. High school diploma or GED                                                                           

If you have an interest in higher education in culinary then a high school diploma or GED is a must. Seeking a diploma can be advantageous while applying for jobs as employers may get the impression that you are serious about your cooking plans.


  1. Culinary school                                                                          

Formal education is not a must for being a chef, but it is an added advantage to your dream. It takes about one to four years to do a bachelors, diploma, masters, or associate’s degree. There might be limited schools offering a degree in culinary in the United States but it is always the right choice to hone your skills through professional help. This degree makes you different from the crowd and helps in getting more opportunities.


  1. Get a job in a restaurant kitchen:

At times mere practice and observation can take you to great heights. It might sound simple but it takes a lot of determination and perseverance to reach the place you dream of. So, if searching for a job in the kitchen is your first job then be prepared to do the most mundane activities like, washing dishes and even taking the trash out. You might be exhausted with the monotonous work, but if you are determined to make it big in the culinary world then grooming yourself under the guidance of professionals is the brighter side of it.


  1. Certification

As mentioned earlier, certifications in culinary arts is always an added advantage to dream big. These will help the chef to advert their cooking abilities better and have a higher potentiality to get opportunities. American Culinary Federation (ACF) is the largest professional chefs and cooks association in the United States. Did you know that there are about 14 certification designations in five areas of culinary such as Cooking Professionals, Personal Cooking Professionals, Culinary Administrators, Baking and Pastry Professionals, and Culinary Educators.  

Different modes of Culinary training:

Culinary schools and programs assist a culinary dreamer to understand the nuances of culinary and the methodology behind what are the ingredients used for each kind of cooking, and many other techniques. You will be able to relate better as to what ingredients can correctly go into the cuisine and what elements you can experiment with. There are different modes to learn these skills such as culinary schools, community schools, vocational or trade schools, and four-year-old school. Each one has its own pros.


  •         Culinary schools:

As you have read in the previous paragraphs, Culinary schools offer the best faculty, the quality of training is high on the pocket with updated and upgraded facilities. The course in these schools can last from one to four years.


  •         Community College

Similar to culinary schools, community college also offers associate or diploma degree in culinary arts but they are not high on the fees. Comparatively, they give a well-rounded training.


  •         Vocational schools

If you are looking at short term courses or a quick way to get culinary training. There are some programs that are associated with high schools in the neighborhood, where you can get skills that help you to get a culinary degree paving a path for entry-level work. There are programs that are designed for school graduates that teach a specific set of culinary skills helping them to move to a working kitchen directly.


  •         Four-year schools

The last step in the culinary schooling is a four-year school degree or a bachelor’s degree that teaches all about the culinary arts that consist of management, business concepts, marketing theories, and all that will help the graduate to own and run their own food business. Here, the students are taught about different cuisines and cooking methods.

This article consists of information on the different modes of culinary schools and the certifications. Read on to know more about different titles of the hospitality industry.

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