Culinary arts – all you want to know

Cooking is the best past time for many, and a serious profession for others. But, when it comes to cooking there might be a thought running in your mind how it would be to work in the kitchens of a restaurant. Many love to watch shows on cookery or competitions like MasterChef, Hell’s kitchen, Next Food Network Star, and so on. But in the real world, it takes a lot to become a chef. One needs to invest a lot many hours of hard work and especially it takes more than a couple years to get your dream job.


There is no formal training or education required to become a chef. But, the knowledge and experience are gained through the number of hours and practice in the kitchen. However, if you want to reach that top level of chef line, then you would definitely require a culinary degree and apprenticeship to follow with. The culinary training, courses, are definitely there in the market but these are for those who are seriously considering cooking as their dream job.


Do you want to know what chefs do?

  •         info on chef and culinary career basics

Chefs have varied tasks depending on their place of work and the kind of food served. Chefs are mostly considered as the boss within a kitchen as they do different formats of work like planning of the menu, selection, and inspection of the ingredients, supervising kitchen staff, and also take care of food-related issues existing in the kitchen.

  •         ChEfs and the name game:

If you are seriously planning for culinary as your dream job then for sure you might be having this basic information that there is more than one chef in the kitchen (all though knowing the titles isn’t necessary!). So, there is a head chef or the master chef in the kitchen, then chef de cuisine or executive chef, the sous chef is the second in command of the kitchen, who follows the instructions of the head chef. Chef de partie runs a particular station in the kitchen and is assisted by a commis, who is the least experienced chef in the kitchen. Apart from just managing the cooking department, few chefs are also responsible for administrative tasks like hiring and firing staff, managing cash, ordering ingredients, and many more.

  •         The money matters: chef salaries

We cannot make an approximate guess how much a chef can earn per annum or per month as there are many factors lying parallel to this calculation like the years of experience, location, place of work, and other.

  •         Chef requirement

The number of the chef requirement in the kitchen is again a dicey game. As the factor counted here is the location and place of work. The place you have chosen to work may need only you to head the kitchen or could require more numbers to assist you. The job growth of the chef is totally dependent on the state or nation you choose to work or already working in.

This blog has covered up a little information on chef jobs. Read on the next article too, to learn more.

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