Four moves that keep bartenders moving

Flair bartending is a skill that needs to self-learned or self honed. You might get a guideline from your seniors but most of it depends on how you manage to equip yourself in the flair bartending. Techniques can be taught but perfecting it or creating your own style is what makes your flair bartending unique. You want to grab a few balls and win some competitions, then take a hint from the famous and already flair bartending moves.

  1.     Ice throwing

Any new skill requires strong basic. So there is this old trick in the market that most of the bartenders know, but it is up to the flair bartender to take it an extra mile. So, as the basic move is ice throwing looks like juggling but it isn’t actual juggling. Here is how you need to do, just when you are ready to put some ice in the glass throw many ice cubes in the air and try catching them in the glass. The highlight is when all the ice cubes right in the glass without a miss.


  1.     Basic flip

Another basic trick that you can add to your flair bartending moves is basic flip. Here the bartender needs to tender the flip very carefully with a proper hand and eye coordination. The bartending trick goes like this, pick a bottle by its neck and flip it in the air with a proper 360 degrees front of you and then catch the bottle either by its neck or body and start pouring out the drink! Writing is easy.. make it easier by trying.


  1.     Bottle stalls

Now it is time to go to the next level, a little advanced in the flair bartending moves. Bottle stalling requires a lot of precision, a miss then there is shattered glasses and loads of alcohol getting wasted. So, while you flip the bottle holding by the neck and flipping in the air, while the bottle is about to land let it stall either on your palm or back of the palm. A little tweak to this trick can be like letting it stall on either your arm, leg, or chest. These tweaks can be done once you have perfected bottle stall bartending move.


  1.     Palm spin

Palm spin also comes under the advanced mode of flair bartending. Although the technique sounds easy, it takes a good amount of time to master it. For this bartending move, you need to put the bottle flat in your palm and use your fingers to rotate the bottle on your palm at 360 degrees. As you start mastering this flair bartending trick, make sure you are able to spin the bottle at least two to three times before pouring into the glasses.


As the years pass, there will be new bartenders joining in the field of bartending and slowly planning to move on with flair bartending with better skills under the sleeve. If you want to mark yours as a guideline for others, then it is time to create your own flair bartending move.

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