Bar tricks – Do not miss the flair!

Bartending is a profession that requires the bartender to carry attitude, style of your own, and panache. The guests while sitting on the other side of the table not only love to have a charming bartender but someone who has tricks rolled up their sleeve. This calls for a mutual benefit, the bartender can rake some tips and the guests gets entertained in return.


Flair bartending is all about that extra edge to your already refined bartending skills. While we speak flair bartending there are two formats of it, one that is for competitions,   you can take your time to exhibit the skills – this is called exhibition flair. Another format is working flair wherein you need to be cautious about the time is taken to mix the drinks and showing your flair bartending. You need to keep in mind while trying out tricks of flair bartending. The core for a perfect flair action is practice next comes the way you balance, flip, spin the bottles, being careful that there are no spills or breakages.


Now that you are geared to know more about tricks of flair bartending, here are some of the best ways to execute:


Ø  Napkins: Your main trick of all should be something different from the other bar staff. The basic trick for this spinning napkins either horizontally on the bar counter before placing the glass. Another way is to spin the napkin onto an elbow before being bumped onto the hand and then on to the bar.


Ø  The stall – the stall is considered to be a basic flair bartending trick. Where the bartender has to balance a bottle on to the back of the hand in an upright position. When the bottle is flipped and landed, it needs to fall upright on to the hand or any part of the body like forearm, elbow, or even head and come to a stall position. This trick is all about catching and balancing the bottle.


Ø  Multi pour: Are you planning to get the crowd or guests to get gaga over you? Then use this sure shot trick that not only exempts repetition of the mixing and also showcase your skills. How to do this trick is, the shakers should contain drinks and icethe  and have to be stacked on top of the next, placing the strainer on the top. Then place all the to be served glasses at equal distance. Raise your hand in a horizontal curve and start pouring out the drink from the shaker. Make sure there are enough shakers to perform this trick.


Ø  Juggling and passing – Bartenders are known to impress their guests with tricks like catching ice cubes in glasses, flipping and spinning bottles, shadow pass of bottles, and other basic tricks. Once you have become a pro in these tricks, the next step is to play with multiple bottles which are also called juggling. After making sure that you are comfortable throwing and catching the bottles try this trick. You do not want to end up upsetting your guests with spilled drinks and broken glasses.


Other tricks that join the list are playing with fire and chin stack, both these tricks require precision and practice. Although all the flair bartending tricks require practice, it is the mastering of these skills and presenting in the best possible way is what is counted.

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