Hospitality industry and emerging trends – made for each other!

The hospitality industry is an ever-growing and ever adaptable sector. Every year it needs to don the trends that are “in” as per the market trends. Upgrading oneself is a mutual deal you would make. Invest creative and trendy ideas for your restaurant and benefit by receiving more clientele or guests. Isn’t it a good deal!


We are already past half the year! And the high time we still do not know the trends of 2019. You might have already made plans and goals – check these emerging trends to know if you are considering these or not.


  1.       Seems like seamless tech is here to stay!

Technology is what makes us get going these days. A place is called sophisticated when it embraces the emerging trends that cater to the customer’s requirements precisely. If you want to be listed in the few hotels or restaurants that embrace technology then, now is the time to make changes to integrate channel managers and your property management system and cater hassle-free booking or reservations for the customers.


  1.     Frictionless customer experience

Customer experience is the top priority of any industry. In the hospitality industry, there is direct contact with the guests/customers making evident results for the owners. Welcoming cloud-based technology and the latest artificial has helped in good use of information of the guests. The previous experience of the guests and the related data can be retrieved to offer better preferences and services resulting in frictionless customer experience.


  1.       Power of minimalism

The mantra for this generation is being minimalist. Cluttered places is a big no. The accommodation world has taken over progressive ideas like clean and calm surroundings, simple decors, and more greenery.


  1.       Pegging on vacations

It is all about network and connectivity. The more you use channels to portray your business, the beneficial it is.  There are accommodation renters like Airbnb, HomeAway, that mediate between you and the guests and based on the requirement promote your place. This is another trend that is very popular with the millennial.


  1.       Do not Disturb!

Privacy is the key word for many guests. There are more Do Not Disturb mode customers, who basically look out for getaways with a perspective of lone time and relaxation. If you are one of those hoteliers who have already imbibed this concept, then kudos! If not, it is time to move on to this theory of creating private spaces and experiences for the guests.


  1.       Sustainability

It’s all about the environment we live in. Practicing eco-friendly concepts is the emerging trend in the hospitality industry. Guests are also demanding for places that believe and follow the concept of minimalism and environment-friendly products and services.


  1.       Partnering with transport

Mapping the routes and seeing the feasibility to reach your place should be the prime concern of any owner while trying to set up a hotel. One of the hospitality trends for the convenience of the guests is partnering with local transportation. This brings a huge difference to your capital, as the customers are inclined toward the places where there are customer-centric services and there is also ease of travel to the hotel. Adapting to this new trend is a good cause.

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