Front office Executive – a dynamic job!

First impressions last for a longer time. Especially if it is your duty to make first impressions then you need to be extra careful and cautious! Hospitality industry comes with a multitude of opportunities with a common motto of serving the customer in the best possible way.

Imagine a scenario, wherein you enter a hotel and are not greeted or welcomed by any person, you had to search for your own room? Now the second scenario, you visit another restaurant and there’s a warm welcome from an individual (probably with welcome drinks too – it’s imagination why not go a mile extra ;)) and guided where your room is rest of the course is explained too. In both the scenarios, which place would you prefer to go? Second one right? So, what we observe is, we care for that extra effort or welcoming from an individual – this huge explanation is to make you understand that it is the duty and responsibility of the Front Office Executive to make that impression.

Now that you have understood, let me make you understand what else comes under Front Office Executive responsibilities.

  1.     A warm smile is a universal language

In a hotel, the first impression for a customer would how warm or welcoming you are toward them. A smile and an appropriate greet when the guest arrived at your guest, will enhance the image of your restaurant.


  1.     Customer satisfaction – the prime target

Work toward customer satisfaction. You can ensure this by providing the services they have asked for and by treating them courteously. If the customer comes up with any issues or complaints, see to it that you are attentive to their concerns and it is at the earliest resolved.


  1.     Small things – big impact:

Nudging away small details and concentrating on the bigger aspects is a wrong opinion/way of work. The small things that you need to concentrate being a Front Office Executive are: keeping oneself and the workplace tidy, greet guests appropriately, arrange flowers or any decorative on the desk increasing the aesthetics of the place and the restaurant. These small details impact the way guests perceive both the hotel and you.


  1.     Organizing brings in order!

Being a front office executive is not an easy job. It requires managing multiple divisions with the same grace as they do it when behind the front office desk. If the executive is unorganized then you cannot bring in order and lead your staff. Multitasking and doing the immaculate job in every division requires order.

Apart from the above core points, as a front office executive/ manager you need to be a great team player and a good leader too, be determined and ambitious, being proactive and open to improve. Aiming at continuous improvement of oneself and the restaurant will bring in mutual benefits. The hospitality industry is ever growing industry which keeps updating and upgrading itself, similarly, the staff of this industry has to be adept with the ongoing market trends.

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