QR codes – Quick Response to the guests

As technology is advancing, there are more and more features that make work easy and efficient. Over the different blogs, we have been mentioning that the hospitality industry is an extremely adaptable industry and targets primarily on customer’s comfort zone.  A QR code or Quick Response Code is a new feature that is broadening its borders and now is extended toward the hospitality industry too.


The next visit to a restaurant or any food counter, observe if there is any code present through which you can make payments or any other processes. Before going to the factoids let me explain what is QR code and how it is advantageous for the industry. Quick Responsive codes are aptly termed with the name scanning of the bar information through your mobile device caters to different results. It all depends that codes behind the bars or the design. Upon scanning of the code, you are either directed to the restaurant website or given a menu with the food details or can scan pay the food bill.


Now that we understood the different roles a QR code plays, it is time to read what are the benefits hospitality industry can reap from this 2D bar code. Unlike the old method of QR code used for offers and coupon details, the customers need some fresh air. This can be supplied by catering the guests with what they are looking for. Some of the hoteliers could attain a stable ground and benefits through a QR code as they introduced a unique way of engaging their customers. The intention of any person from the hospitality industry is to live up to the customer expectations, accordingly few of the hotels started to give information, updates, events, and another hotel related information when the QR code is scanned. This benefitted the customer as they do not have to seek the help of the concierge or the front office for extra hotel information.


Another way QR codes are used is the keys have now been transformed into code. As the technology is at its peak, privacy became the top priority for any guest. Keeping this in mind, the conventional key method for rooms is moved up to scan the code and opening the door. This not only keeps the guest's privacy safe but also the guests feel secured to visit your hotel.


Hospitality industry did not limit the usage of QR codes only within their hotels, they get them printed on the newspapers or a small window as an advertisement in a webpage. Using the Quick Responsive Codes, the customers not only receive information but also can leave their valuable feedbacks or suggestions. Isn’t it a great way to stay connected by embracing the best methods of technology. Stay tuned to know more about different marketing methods used by the hospitality industry. 

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