Higher tips for bartending in 2018

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I grew up in New Jersey. I moved down to Florida for college and then in
college is when I started hospitality. I first served at
Hooters by the University of South Florida and kind of moved on from there
to a local restaurant called CDB's. I served and Bartended there.
And just kind of kept going around bartending at different places. It's
a lot of fun.

I got into this field of work by going to college and having a
bunch of places around and that was kind of just what you did in college
you know? You start at a restaurant nearby and use that to fund your way
through the college.  

It's really rewarding, it's really fun and it's fun to make to have
other people have fun.  That's what I liked about. It is creating
a good experience for the people I'm serving for. Making them smile
in anyway possible. Everybody likes food. People like to drink. So
it's nice to have everybody else have a good time while they're doing those

The perks of the job are meeting a lot of people, in my opinion. I like to make
friends, I like to meet people, I like to network, and you're constantly
surrounded by people. You're never alone, you're always talking to people
but that's what the job is.  You get to meet a lot of people, you get to
find out their backgrounds, what they do. And you end up making a lot of
connections that will help you in the future.

The best way to get into hospitality jobs really is just to put yourself out
there. Go into an establishment and ask if they're hiring. You can also apply
online at  I applied to a lot of places.
So you want to get your name out there and even if it's
just a random establishment. You can try to get a job.  You can also just ask
your friends ask around people in the community.  Everybody goes out
to eat, so there's always a job available, if you just put yourself out
there. Don't be scared to apply.

Because I do meet a lot of people, I do get to go around to different places.
There is always opportunity for promo or promotional work, where you get
to do things you don't always get to do. Some of them are either advertise
the product that your bar might have or sample drinks or kind of like go
around and do shots somewhere. There's always opportunity to do what you do
somewhere else so it's really nice to be able to get around and do that

Especially in bartending, there are always opportunities to make somebody feel
good, feel better.  People come in and want to talk about things a lot.
Especially when people come in often enough you get to build a rapport
with them. They want to just talk to you because they have that
opportunity to. And you're behind the bar and you're really close to them
constantly. It's nice to be able to make somebody feel better and make
somebody's day just by good conversation.

There are a lot of Best moments in bartending. But I can't think out something
in particular.  It's always really fun and happy like picking songs on the
jukebox and getting to like dance with people or like me dancing and having
everybody else laugh or something like that. I feel like, that happens a lot,
just entertaining, making people laugh. Those are all really the good moments.

I've learned so many skills on this job. You learn to be able to control
yourself in a high paced environment.  To be able to think like what you
need to get done. So you learn a lot of skills definitely for the future of
how when things are just kind of going and you need to get make everybody
happy. You just think logically, and you think in like what's going to be the
most efficient way to get something done, especially when it's really busy.
Skills like that, skills of how to manage your time efficiently.  You have
five minutes to make these many drinks. You just get it done in order.
You don't like pass by this when you can go back and do that later
if that makes sense. There will be ways to do efficiently.

The least thing I like about my job is, I mean people are different.  
Everybody's different.  So, somebody could come in and have a bad day and
really kind of put that on you and it kind of dampers the mood. It's just
everybody has what they had to do during the day.  So, everybody's coming in
from a different place or from a different state of mind.  You have to deal
with people that come in and reflect their bad vibes on you and it's not
as fun. But I mean, my goal then is to change that.  

To get extra work in hospitality is really networking and talking to people.
As long as you put yourself out there and you are friendly, and you just make
friends. It's really about making those connections.

After a long day of work, I like to go home and depending on how much movement
I did; usually you're running around a lot. So, it's really about relaxing and
sitting down for once and kind of just breathing it out. I like to do yoga but
that's not what everybody likes to do, I understand. But to me it's like when
you're in a certain posture for so long, you're standing for so long, and
moving your body and doing yoga postures that are counteracting. You are standing
straight up all day and running around. It's nice to just relax that way.

Being in hospitality definitely helped me pay for college while I was in
there. I mean, while you are in college, you are only spending money. So for
the most part, you have tuition and all that. So being in hospitality
helped me pay for the things I want to do. I could also pay tuition,
not all the way but as pay it off as I go and have less of a debt after I
came out.  And do the things I want to do while in college as I don't
any other source of income.  So, it was nice to have something in there
and usually it's enough to pay off a little bit extra too.  

Time management of course is important. If you're going to college and you
have a hospitality job, of course it's going to take up time.  Going to
school and having a job and still having a social life is the balance of
life really. It's just you plan out your day of going to school during the
morning hours. And hospitality is normally evening. So, you do that at night
and then hospitality is also not every day. It's usually the weekends or
you can move your days around a little bit so that is it's a flexible job.  
The best part about hospitality is that it's very flexible. You don't have to
work mornings 9 to 5, Monday through Friday kind of thing.  You can work the
weekends and not every day of the weekend.  So, there's time to balance your
social life in between.

Preparing your body for not being hurt or anything in the long run, of course
wearing comfortable shoes are a must. You have to have comfortable shoes in
hospitality because you are on your feet the whole time and looking good is
one thing but being comfortable is way more important. Standing on your feet for
that long you barely get time to sit, so it's definitely important to have
comfortable shoes or the little gel soles that go in or something like that.
You're also getting your exercise as you are walking around a lot. So that's
the upside of having to wear comfortable shoes I guess. So being comfortable
always knowing that you're going to be moving around.

There are opportunities to do hospitality anywhere.  If I wanted to go
somewhere for a long period of time or I wanted to travel to another state
or country for a month or two, I'm sure I could definitely pick up a hospitality
job during that time.  Just kind of a fill in for a little bit to fund my
trip or something. So, it's nice to have that opportunity to have it

They say looks are important when it comes to hospitality. And I do think it's
important to present yourself well, to take care of yourself. You are running
into a lot of people but you don't have to be the best-looking person.
It really is about your interaction with people so if you are a nice person
and you are friendly, and you make people laugh, which is super important,
you're gonna be successful.  Obviously clean yourself up but really just be
happy. People like that you are. They want to talk to somebody that makes them
happy and they constantly are.

To earn higher tips from customers, its about building a rapport.
It's always about having regulars.  I know that some hospitality jobs are
harder to do that in touristy area because people are only there for
one time. But even then, you can build regulars. Somebody might come
back a year from now on to those same kinds of trip.
Building regulars is always a good way to make better tips because your people
like you and they want you to be happy and so they're going to give you more
money because you made them happy. I mean people appreciate that.