Beginners journey toward flair bartending

Beginners journey toward flair bartending

Bartending is a profession that requires style, attitude, and to be a great performer. Flair bartending brings in an edge more with its “extreme” tinge added to it. Entertaining guests is part of bartending but mixology becomes a notch higher in entertainment when the bartender tends to know the tricks to do the same. Flair is all about having oodles of confidence, learning through breaking, spilling, and many more. It’s these wobbly steps that let you take the confident stride.

You might be a pro at bartending but an enthusiastic flair bartending beginner, then here is something you want to know about the “basics” and the tools required to learn the beginner's steps

o   Hand and eye coordination: As said it comes down to basics. If you are and have been good in the hand and eye coordination then going for the next step is easier. Being a beginner in the flair bartending, practice your moves initially concentrating on this coordination.


o   Practice makes you perfect!: Any art requires consistent practice to reach perfection level. So, what you have to do is cater some time for this procedure to practice the moves with less spilling or breaking or any incident that you do not wish to happen before your guests.


o   The best way! Being a beginner in the flair bartending, you need to put those extra hours either at home or at work. If you are planning at surprising your guests and the management about your hidden practice or skill set, then practice all your moves at home and present them at work. It all depends on how best you are presenting without disappointing your guests.


Here, you need to remember that flair bartending is a complement to your mixology skills so in the process of doing flair bartending do not forget your basics of bartending.


o   No-spill or break: Another rule for flair bartending is do not spill or break anything. This usually happens when you are at a basic level.


o   Extra cautious: Another important thumb rule for flair bartending is to be careful and cautious while performing your tricks. Ensure that the bottles are not flipped way too close to the guests or audience.


o   Empty bottles: As mentioned in the earlier points, in the basic stage of flair bartending, you require lots of practice and the right equipment to practice on. As bartending is all about mixing drinks and these drinks come in bottles of different shapes and sizes. Pick any of these and start practicing.


o   Duct tape: Duct tape is another important equipment while practice for flair bartending. Tape the bottles surface using duct tape, which prevents the bottle from slipping.


o   Choose your own style and equipment: Flair bartending gives you the choice of picking your own equipment like bottle or glass or any other bartending equipment that compliments your style and confidence.


Having got to know the requirements to be a flair bartending beginner, it is time to don the role and get the bottle (ball) rolling.

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