Sales and Marketing manager – market your hotel in the right way!

A brand or a product can reach out to the right customers or public only through marketing. This requires the right person who knows the tricks and tips to keep the brand to go on and bring in the revenues for the hotel. The person who can take care of the Sales and Marketing unit is a Sales and Marketing Manager. There are different responsibilities that they need to shoulder and bring in the right aura to the hotel in terms of the customer's pool and money pool too. They need to administer developing programs and other events in the hotel and give the right count of accommodation and facilities. This is one of the techniques to market oneself in the hospitality industry.


The manager has to get a deep understanding of the requisites raised by the clients and create awareness within the staff that cater to what was recommended by the guests. A marketing manager is also responsible to check if the customers or guests are happy with the facilities and services rendered, if not to extend the kind of facilities they are looking for. Other modes in which marketing ensure a smooth running of the hotel’s revenues are by


  1.   Market research: It is no rocket science that a marketing manager keeps oneself updated with the market trends and the factors that will leverage the hotel’s customer graph. The market manager can also check for the location accessibility of the hotel through different commutes, the reputation of the location in the market, the price quoted when compared to the competitors. The manager can make changes to any of these if required to increase customer inflow.


  1.   Know your target audience

Being a sales and marketing manager, your responsibility is all about how well the product (hotel) is reached out to the customers. You should be searching for the medium that the customers are able to notice your place and get to know the facilities. It is all about creating curiosity, interest, and a liking to visiting your place. All this can be done by marketing it in the right tone. The manager should make sure not only about the medium to reach to the customers but also should understand what kind of crowd or guests will be interested in the place.


  1.     It is all about promotions!

Advertising or publicizing your hotel is an essential way to keep the guests coming in. The hospitality industry is one such  unpredictable industry, one needs to always be there in the market throughout the year for the customers to understand that you certainly are there in the race. In the promotional activities, you can market about the gourmets served, any special events, any special cuisines that are being served, anything that is unique and attractive.


Any industry or business requires a good marketing strategy and a person who employs great skills at marketing their product. Presenting the brand in the best possible way, building good customer relationships and creating customer loyalty programs, maintaining a good relationship with the peers, these are some of the much-needed qualities and responsibilities an employer will be looking in while recruiting a sales and marketing manager. Now, that you have noted down and got an understanding of what a marketing manager role is all about, prep for the post by learning the needed skills and education.

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