Tackling plastic waste – the Hospitality industry way

Tackling plastic waste – the Hospitality industry way


Any medium of news has at least one news stating the dangerous levels at which the plastic waste is growing and harming our environment. This growing concern although is being tackled by many but the alarming rate is still high. When it comes to the hospitality industry, it was an active contributor to plastic waste over the years. But of late even this industry got the waking and realized the growing global warming and other hazard repercussions because of this waste.


Plastic is a convenient and affordable material, which is the main reason the hospitality industry to use it in daily activities. Plastic straws, cups, garbage, and laundry bags, and many other goods are used. But, there are certain solutions and alternates provided in the market which are not only durable, flexible, suitable but also affordable. As mentioned earlier, with the growing recycling and greenery awareness, the guests are ready to adapt to the changes helping the hospitality industry to curb the plastic use. Some of the ways the industry itself is trying to acclimatize are


  •         Single-use plastics

The best way to avoid the usage of plastics in the hotels is to supply when asked such bathroom amenities. Curbing on the usage of plastic straws or toothbrushes, coasters, or any plastic related merchandise.


  •         Follower and following

Educating people on plastic waste and getting awareness about lesser usage of plastic can be done through the hospitality industry. The guests that arrive at your hotels, places to eat can be guided on how you have transited from plastic to reusable items. Another way is by adhering to the laws and taxes formed the government. This way it is a two-way road – you follow the rules of no plastic and imbibe the same to the peers or guests.


  •         Partnering with recyclers

Plastic is an addiction which takes time to wear off. It needs to be replaced with something better, and this would take some time. Before all this transition to happen, for the baby steps all we can do is try to recycle the current plastic. How can this happen to be in the hospitality industry? Tying up with good recycling organizations and transferring your plastic to them for getting better things done with the waste.


  •         Being local

This is the most understated option which is slowly started to grow. Shifting to local produce than going for importing options results in lesser carbon emissions and lower plastic packaging. This is a positive step toward environment saving.


  •         Environment-friendly

As the generations are passing, we see there are more and more upgrading and updating of technology and aspects that give environment-friendly results or options. There are materials that are a lookalike of plastic comprising the same quality and durability but can be decomposed faster. Embracing such new and innovative solutions is also a big step toward curbing plastic usage.


Having said these pointers, it all depends on individual responsibility how much we can give to the mother nature for all the natural and safe options it is been conferring on us.

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