Myth: Machine learning taking over employment!

Artificial intelligence has taken over every sector and the hospitality industry isn’t left behind. As the motto of this industry is totally focused on serving customers and making them comfortable. AI made sure that this concept is not taken away but more imbibed with newer developments that give a thorough experience for the guests and helps them to enjoy their stay. These new developments not only assist in the industry but also straighten up the daily operations resulting in happy customers.

Sharing space with Domotics

Domotics is a term used for home Artificial intelligence. Just imagine, the hotel you have visited is an automated serviced hotel? The guidance that you usually receive from a human is now transited by a robot. This is called the advancement of technology where the robots through flexible and smart AI centrally operating the actions of the device. Hospitality industry already has embraced this concept of AI and using these bots to service the customers. They answer all the requisite questions placed by the visitors and pass the apt information. Dealing with an AI device instead of a human being would be for sure exciting to many of the customers and this might even spike the customer rate for the hospitality industry or hotel. These digital assistants are not taking away human jobs or replacing them as they are not as smart as human beings. They are just operated through a few algorithms written by humans. All these domotics help in sharing the duties of the employees.

What is going to be next?

Hospitality industry’s biggest challenge is to supply to the sudden demand that comes along with the seasonal changes, events, holidays, and other special occasions. It is at times not possible to have the right amount of staff during the need of the hour. This is when AI or machine bots play a role. Machine learning can help in calculating the predict and react as per the situation. By adapting both machine learning and automation to your restaurant you can see a spike in the profit margins and an increased advantage than your peers. 

An efficient helping hand

Humans are fallible and at times the demand for the workforce is greater financially based on the expertise and other factors. This is where the hospitality industry has taken a huge step in adapting to the automation and machine learning process. By embedding AI in the daily tasks there is no place for errors and the cost-cutting is also got down to a large extent. Although the machine cannot think on its own compared to the competent work humans can give but there are certain tasks that can be automated making the work easy for the employees as well.

There are too many myths doing rounds that AI is taking over human employment but the fact is AI and machine learning are helping hands to humans. As a busy industry as the hospitality industry, there are too many titles and responsibilities for every staff in the sector and adapting to this technology is only enhancing the abilities and increasing productivity than eradicating employment.

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