Four common injuries of hospitality industry!

Injuries and accidents are part and parcel of the hospitality industry. It’s a gospel truth and common knowledge that in and around the industry accept. The incidents occurred to the individuals in this sector resulted in absence of good number of days. According to the Health and Safety executive, food services sector has lesser work-related illnesses but has greater work accident claims. The common injuries that come along with this sector are: trips, slips, and falls. Let me explain how these might be happening:


  1. Slips, Trips, and Falls

Slips, trips, and falls are the common injuries caused in every industry. This could either by the slippery floor or curled up rug or any other way. But ignoring these slips transform into a dangerous hazard for any employee. Hospitality industry is a fast paced sector, where there is constant rush and high-pressure. This is when there are higher possibilities of slipping and tripping. The employee should make sure that the injury is addressed immediately before it turns out to be a major workplace accident.


  1. Handling or Lifting

Lifting/handling are considered to be the second most common injury caused in the workplace. Chefs, dishwashers, waiters/waitresses – any member working in front or back of the restaurant, handle heavy items that might put stress and strain on the muscles causing injuries. The safety tip to avoid this workplace injury is by using apparatus for very heavy items or take up a proper training on how to handle heavy things.


  1. Sanitize!

According to some of the researchers, restaurants are said to be major hotspots for germ spreading. The prime places for these germs breeding are: menus, seats, utensils, as these are the major things that are passed from one person to another.  Sanitizing yourself as and when the tasks are completed is one of the safest ways to avoid any health hazards.


  1. Sharp or heavy objects:

Prevention is better than cure – is a famous idiom. It is always better to follow this phrase while working in the hospitality industry. As this sector has the most common workplace injuries, that can be avoided if you be cautious. Another hazard or injury that is common is being struck by an object especially heavy one, or injury caused by sharp things like knives. Safety tip for this hazard is to ensure that while you maintain hygiene by cleaning up the utensils, you also take utmost care while using them.


Having said that, there is no rule book that only these set of injuries are caused in any sector. But, few industries by default come with some hazards that are known facts for the job seekers and the employees too. Being careful and cautious is the core factor and in case injury is caused, giving immediate attention before being escalated is also equally important.

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