How I cleared my student debt by working as a Bouncer in Australia

Jaya worked as a Bouncer in Australia and earned AUS 35/hr and could clear up his student debt when studying there. Please listen to the entire video


Q. Can you give a little rundown of your personal and professional background?

I was in Australia probably 2004 so while was going to the school I'm allowed to do a part-time job.
So was just looking for a job so I was pulled into the hospitality industry at that point so that's how I got into the hospitality industry.

Q. What exactly did you do on this job?

I used to work at the night club. Because of my personality, I've been given me a job as a security guard at the nightclub so my job is to make sure the patrons were safe and secure on the premises so so I was working on the door most of the time

Q. As a security guard, what were your duties?

Make sure that patrons were not intoxicated and make sure that no under-ages
were inside the premises make sure the place is safe and secured and I'll
protect the hazards and communicating with the patrons and if they need

Q. Money wise, how much potential you think there is?

The beauty of the hospital there is no limit and in the hospitality industry a lot of people who were students and who were doing part-time jobs and whoever was working on an extra money basis so it's a good potential to get more money so the more most of there the different ways of earning the money so probably there was always a lot of money in the hospitality industry so people will earn in the form of tips or in the wages or you know some form there's always money in the hospitality industry.

Q. When you were working in Australia in a night club as a bouncer, how much
you were making  per hour and what is a potential for that job?

Security it's the different aspects from United States way of pay out and
Australian.  Australian I used to get paid around pretty good so probably on
$35 an hour sometimes I even make more so so and the waitress is a different
story but the security guards doing it they were more more well in Australia.

Q. What would be the minimum qualifications that someone needs to have in order
to get a job as a bouncer in a hospitality industry?

You yeah it varies from country to country and in the state to state
prospective but in Australia when we have to become a licensed security guard
you need to go for a security course and you have to pass the course and the
state will look back into your background check and make sure if you have any
violations under your name so probably they will issue your license but it
might be different in the United States but I would say that it would be on
the same path so probably they might go through a background check I'm not
very sure whether they have to do a security course or not but it varies from state to state as I said in the United States it's it's vary from state to state

Q. When someone is starting in a hospitality industry as a bouncer in a
nightclub in Australia, what should be their starting salary and what is the
maximum they can earn? Can that income cover the living expenses?

Oh yeah it's it's pretty good it's pretty good money so in the beginning of
the industry probably you may not earn that much of money so it's like any
other kind of a job so first one or two years you need to get your experience
once you get your experience once you know what you're doing so probably get
more hours whereas the wages would be the same from the beginner and
experienced person but it's it vary from number of hours they work so more
experience a person will always get a standard venues and they have standard
hours so that's where they make money on and the cost of living perspective it
will cover most of your bills so you could able to have the pretty decent life
working as working in the hospitality industry.

Q. Can you give us some rough numbers: When you were working in Australia, how
much were you making in the beginning and how much when you left the job?

When I started up it it is the same wage but I never used to got many hours so
I used to do a part-time like five or six hours where I'm entitled to work for
certain hours but after once I got an experience that I was started coming in
and my pay raises are started increased up so probably the more hours that you
work the more money that you earn so how constant how reliable you are on the
phone calls so probably if you keep on answering the phone calls to you he
always support your boss so he always look after you so it really depends
there to build up a trust so once you build up with your trust with your venue
management and your employer so the hours will come.

Q. Since you were working as a bouncer, the job comes with a certain risk,
when intoxicated people can attack you. Was the nightclub helping you with the
training that is required and did you have a support when handling these kind
of customers?

The first a lot of people will get confused with that but no nightclubs wants
their the security guards to be aggressive, physically handle or tackle their
customers or the clients so it's not acceptable so we will try to we will try
to avoid the situations like moving them outside the venue the premises in a
decent appropriate manner if things didn't work out so we will escort them
with with the backup so that's how we do the things and we try we we are not
supposed to be aggressive towards the towards the patrons.

Q. Did you ever injure a customer?

The patrons will come in different sizes so probably if the person is bigger
than me I could he's too intoxicated not able to hardly walk so if I'm
escorting him outside so he may trip down so he might get a little bit of
injury but not major sort of a things that we run into if the situation is
getting out of hand so we'll have the enough security force inside the
premises so we will call for a backup and people will come in and try to
escort them outside if the things were getting out of control then we will
approach the law enforcement.

Q. Is there any aspect of your job that you did not like or that you would
have handled differently?

A couple of things that which I hate number one long hours standing on your
feet all night and especially on the weekends so one is partying and you will
be working and standing in front of the door and taking care of the Patrons
and the second thing is you got to keep he had to have a lot of patience
dealing with your patrons because you're talking to a drunk person or
intoxicated person and even though you told them an answer you will get the
same question thousand times and so that will test your patience and
frustration they don't listen so probably that might be the second one.

Q. Did you get a chance to travel when you were working in a nightclub with a
part-time working income? Did that income help you do any traveling, once or
twice a year?

I think that a lot of people does that not only me but a lot of people do it
because the reason is it's a beauty of the hospitality industry is the biggest
industry on the planet so especially in the United States and where you can go
if you have experience at the bar so you could be able to get job anywhere in
the United States so you could able to travel and work and I know the people I
haven't done it in the past because I have to go to school and my priorities
are different but I seen the people well some of my colleagues who has done a
lot of traveling and working over there and especially one of my best friend
so he's to be a bouncer with me so he left his job and he went to UK for three
years and he worked there and the nightclubs for a couple of years and he came
back so it's it's good potential so you could able to get the job no matter
where you go on the planet so it's the same job principles.

Q. So, you are saying that the skill that you have learnt on this job is a
universal skill?

Exactly its Universal skill it's a universal skill it might be a different
rules maybe followed but eventually it's the similar