Types of Cooking Jobs at Restaurants

The restaurant is a vast industry in the world in the present scenario. Every individual working in this has to spend long hours and of course with a lot of stress, but still many of the youngsters wish to enter into this industry. To run a hotel kitchen, the person should have a strong leadership quality and organizational skill who will be in a position to make the show successful. Entering the restaurant job is quite easy for the low positions even working as an assistant will be of a good help depending on the type of restaurant you are working. The salary is excellent depending on the position you are working, and with good effort and experience one can also acquire the position of the head chef in due course.

Master Chef/ Head Chef:
The head chef manages the entire kitchen and is the main cook of the restaurant. He has to look after the persons working in the kitchen, food preparations, expenses incurred and the removal of waste. He also has to look after the new staff to be trained on duty. Every chef and other assistance have to report directly to the Head Chef.

Operations Manager:
One of the most keen and important people who ensures that the restaurant functions properly and see that several customers get attracted to the restaurant. The entire show needs to operate properly should be his main objective. He has to coordinate with the head chef and other kitchen staffs too. Basically, he is the in-charge of the entire restaurant and also including the finance. It is not essential that the Operational Manager should possess cooking skill but, he should possess good organizational skill with proper management.

Nowadays grilled food are in high demand hence it has become the most important part of the restaurant servings such as burgers, steaks and other meats steak. The grillers are in demand in most of the five-star hotels. So far as the jobs are concerned they can apply in any of the restaurants even five-star.

Demi Chef:
They are the assistant to sous chef or the chef of the party. The main function of the demi chef is to ensure that the food that is going out is perfect, and the food station is fully clean and tidy. He should also ensure that the wastage in the kitchen is minimized. At times he has to assist with the training of the new chefs and also in the preparation of the food.

Sous Chef Jobs:
This position stands second in command and will also work as the head chef in his absence. He is also responsible to make the main course for the setting and also the cleanliness of the station similar to that of the functions performed by the head chef.

Pastry Chef Employment:
All the dessert menu is handled by the Pastry chef in the restaurant. He has to even keep proper check on the equipment and tools required for the preparation. He has to also teach the assistant pastry chef how to handle various operations in the kitchen.