Acquiring knowledge from Culinary schools to become a Chef

Becoming a chef is a dream amongst the youngsters these days. On many occasions you must have come across chefs on television displaying many mouth watering delicious food items attracting several audiences. Are you willing to go for this profession, then get on your culinary career and decide what type of chef you need to become and what type of training you need?

Some of the list of chef titles are cited below: -
Short order cooks
It is not that easy to be a chef, all you need is interest and ambition with necessary creativity inbuilt in you. Short-order cooks needs no cooking experience or education as they have to work in the fast-food restaurants on a lower level dining. Still you require education to get higher promotion.

Line chef
Also known as station chef working under the Sous Chef and is the in-charge of a specific meal in the kitchen. Line Chef has assistants and lower chefs under him as a helping hand. To be a Line Chef coming their way from lower position need not procure culinary degree, but if he aspires to be a Head Chef position then he should possess a culinary degree or should undergo internship or apprenticeship as an additional qualification.

Types of Line Chef Positions
Sauté Chef: is the highest position among the station that takes care of sauces and sautéed item.

Fish Chef: Looks after the entire fish item right from butchering to assembling them on plate.

Roast Chef: Does the roasting of meats and their respective sauces.

Grill Chef: Takes care of grilled food.

Fry Chef: Prepare all kind of fried items.

Vegetable Chef: All the vegetable dishes such soups, pastas, starches, etc.

Rounds Chef: He is the standby who can be placed in any position.

Cold food Chef: Responsible for preparing cold food, salad appetizers, etc. and is referred to as a pantry chef

Butcher: All the meat, fish and poultry items are cut by him and also breads meats and fish.

Pastry Chef: Baked food, desserts and pastries are prepared by him and also supervise the team accordingly.

Sous Chef
This position stands second to the executive chef, having the same responsibility and ensures that the line chefs fulfill all the orders passed by the executive chef. He possesses
formal culinary education and work experience and hence can become head chef.

Executive Chef: This is the topmost position in the kitchen and supposed to be the best. They are generally found in the high-grade restaurants that are in a position to direct the entire kitchen and manage the complete staff. To be an Executive Chef one has to attend the culinary school or vocational center.

Once he reaches the position of an Executive Chef he can avail the certification as a Master Chef and achieve the higher post with best pay. After acquiring the entire qualification and experience, he will be in a position to start his own business by opening new restaurant with new modifications. You can also be an instructor in the culinary schools. You can now enjoy the status of being an Executive Chef.