Let the business run with these approaches.

There is so much happening across the globe because of the widespread virus – COVID-19 or Coronavirus that it has affected businesses of many industries, one of them is the hospitality industry. Knowland, being the leader in providing deep analytics for group meetings on revenue generation for the hospitality industry; analyzed the impact of the Coronavirus on the group business for the hotel industry. The firm announced the group cancellation percentages across US/North America, Asia Pacific, and Europe regions for the 90-120 day booking window.

The Asia Pacific has the highest cancellation rate with 90% and U.S./North America reports about 40% cancellation for group events and meetings. As many companies are restricting travel and the organizations are canceling events to control the spread of the virus and to follow social distancing, the U.S./North America rate has changed.

If the hotels are looking forward to reducing Group Business Impact of COVID-19 for the short term, then they have to be prepared for the slow transition of the recovery. As the virus toured from the Asia Pacific to Europe to U.S./North America, similarly the cycle of recovery will be the same. By the time the recovery stage reaches America, there are chances for the situation to turn worse. When the facts are wide open in the market, the hoteliers have to brace themselves for group cancellations into Q2 and a slow booking system in the Q3. It is for the good of the hotel industry that the hotel owners and operators are to be calm and prepared for the reduction in group business using proactive sales strategies focused on transient and smaller local meetings.

Knowland had listed the following approaches to help accurate the group business that remains active:

  1.     Conduct smaller meetings and events with local companies with focused and limited attendees.
  2.     Consider conducting smaller regional meetings. Companies should choose to have meetings within drive markets this limits the exposure for the employees. But you can continue to team management and increase teamwork by offering face to face meetings.
  3.     Live streaming to the local event can be offered to the guests. The hotels can partner with A/V providers and create virtual meeting environments for the guests and make it interactive and safe.
  4.     If you can help businesses with remote speakers along with applications like Skype or Zoom then they can achieve strategic goals without travel or large group meetings
  5.     Be prepared to conduct the meetings by being proactive with hand sanitizing stations, advanced maintenance and housekeeping, and other noticeable actions that bring in confidence to the clients.

In the words of Robert Post, Chairman & CEO of Knowland, “The rapid spread of this virus and the speed at which it is re-ordering the Travel and Hospitality world is unprecedented, but as travel professionals, we are NOT powerless. At the center of any and all actions is the safety of our traveling public, and hotels that act in this manner will capture a share of the business that exists in the short terms and be positioned for the eventual rebound.”


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