Trends to watch out in 2020

The hospitality industry is buckled up for drastically changing future trends. Keeping in view what could be the trends that would change the face of the industry and the dynamics of the business, our team of experts listed out a few.

So, what are the hotel trends that we will experience this year? Here is a list of themes where hospitality will observe changes.

  1.     Smarter hotel rooms
  2.     Environment-friendly
  3.     Workforce
  4.     Changing in accommodations
  5.     Involvement of technology
  6.     Preferences
  7.     Hotel business
  8.     Hotel Design
  9.     Globalization


  1.     Smarter hotel rooms:

Earlier it was the internet that took over our home and space (it still does), and now it is the Internet of Things that has crawled from homes to the hotel rooms too. Hotel rooms have turned from being comfort-driven to technology-driven spaces. Guests demands are now rising with the increasing relaxations the new trends are giving like the following:

  •         Onstream: If you are traveling and want to watch your favorite movies and unsure if your hotel will play, then thank the changing equipment in the market. Carry your very own Firestick to the place of travel and plug it in to enjoy your favorite movies.
  •         Wireless device charging: Untangling the wires is a big task. Just to relieve you from that and upgrade you with cordless charging, we have wireless device charging “mats”. These mats charge any device like headphones, smartphones, and any gadget.
  •         Control smartly: Turning on/off the switches to control lights, temperatures, and power are so yesterday. The same can now be controlled with a tap on your smartphone
  •         Noise control: Some of the hotels that are nearer to the airports or traffic can now have lesser complaints from their guests. You can now replace your traditional windows with the soundproof windows that use acoustic technology that cuts off the noise to the maximum.

Apart from this, there are many other smarter hotel rooms’ features such as tablet-based control, voice-based services, keyless entries and many more.


  1.     Environment-friendly

People turning into being eco-friendly and go green has been spreading faster than expected to bring in changes not only in homes but also in the expectations of guests from the hotel services. The guests or customers became aware of what practices to be followed and choose the place to stay only if they find them to be environmentally friendly. This change in the customer’s demand is pushing the hotel industry to make not only physical changes to the building and the amenities but also to the menu and food choices. Here are some of the environment-friendly trends for 2020

  •         LEED Certification: If a building is given a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification, it means that the building is eco-friendly, which covers essentials like water efficiency and indoor environmental quality. The building can earn different statuses like Certified, Gold, Silver, or Platinum.
  •         Solar energy: Solar power is the best example of energy saving. This power you can either generated by setting up solar panels over the building or by procuring solar power from the electricity provider. The usage of solar power can reduce power bills to a great extent.
  •         Saving water: Water another important source that is being exhausted on a daily basis. If there is conservation happening with this source in mind then that is a necessary place to stay. Ways adapted to conserve water are a slower outflow of water from the showerheads, efficient laundry system. Internal, an IoT provider for the hospitality industry is coming up with water conservation technology.
  •         Say no to plastic: Customers are now choosing hotels that recommend/use reusable alternatives over hotels that use plastic cutlery or amenities. This is the reason why major hotels are transforming their amenities to eco-friendly ones. California regulators have gone a step ahead and banned the usage of plastic altogether.

 The other healthy and must-have procedures that the hotel industry will be adapting this year are disposal segregation like using recycle bins and compost bins, motion sensors in the rooms, and planning meat alternative food menus in the food and beverage sections.

In this blog, we covered only two themes, read on the thread to know more about all the themes.

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