How to create a social media calendar for your restaurant business

  1. Write content that resonates:

Write content that’s more relevant to the visitors and closer to your brand. Feel the pain points of the users and customize your content accordingly. Don’t curate content that sounds like a sales pitch. An impeccable content that is creative, attention-grabbing, error-free, and informative will do justice with your restaurant business.


  1. The frequency of posts:

 You cannot afford to bombard your pages with frequent social media posts. 2 posts per day would suffice your purpose. 


  • Facebook: 3-10 posts per week.
  • Twitter: 5 tweets per day
  • LinkedIn: Since it is a professional networking site, keep your posts limited to 2-5 times per week.
  • Pinterest: Ensure that you post 5-10 times per day.


  1. Consider these content tools:

These content tools will help you to pick the most relevant and trending topics connected to your brand. A wrong keyword or irrelevant content will affect your traffic and brand presence. Thus, be wise while picking up the ideas and topics related to your hotel business.



Type the keyword related to the hotel industry and this tool will return you the most relevant post associated with the keyword. You can further research on the topic to create your Facebook or Twitter posts.

Use this tool to find out the most relevant and trending content related to your brand. The tool is free and is one of the most useful tools to find out informative content related to all social media profiles. 


  1. Use the social media editorial calendar tools:

Publish the posts by scheduling them using these tools once the content is good to go:



This tool helps you to manage multiple projects. As a project management app, it helps in content curation and content scheduling. And, guess what? This tool is absolutely free! 


WordPress Editorial Calendar Plugin:

If you want your blogs to be shared on all the social media platforms, WordPress Editorial Calendar Plugin will take care of it.


Edit Flow:

Do you wish there was a tool to help you with customer comments and content engagement? Use Edit Flow to have a monthly editorial calendar view. 


Google Calendar:

Working as a team? Want your teammates to share their ideas on the social media calendar posts? Use Google Calendar to invite your team to review the social media calendar and share their ideas and suggestions to the same calendar.


Do use the above tips to create an effective social media calendar for your restaurant brand. 


Have ways to create an impeccable and meaningful social media calendar? Do share with us in the comment section below.

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