3 Ways to Automate your Restaurant’s Marketing:

Be it Subway or Burger King, one has to be proactive in meeting the demands of the customers. As the restaurant grows bigger and bigger, handling a single Tweet or responding to a single Facebook post becomes tedious. Marketing Automation is one such tool that allows reaching every individual customer in a more personalized manner to make them lifelong patrons. Here are three benefits of using Automate Marketing:

Better Management:

The automated program will relieve you from the burden of handling promotions and marketing events. It will channelize the marketing strategies right from reverting to an Email to handling your posts. 


Finance Management:

Thinking about some wise investments in the Restaurant business? Automate Marketing will reduce your expenses on several communication channels. You will be surprised to manage your marketing budget with optimum results.


A systematic process:

Who wouldn’t want a centralized system to take care of all the marketing activities with bare-minimum efforts? An automated marketing system will set a marketing base for your restaurant business. Try it out!


Ways to Automate your Restaurant’s Marketing:


  1. Optimize Social Media:

With the help of Automation Marketing, you can schedule your posts, automate replies, create a new blog, follow a blog, post new content, and so on. Don’t forget to customize your posts, depending on the platform that you are sharing. For example, A Tweet and a post on Instagram have to be different. Also, keep a check on your page followers, number of likes, shares, and comments on the posts. You can tweak the posts based on the response from the visitors.


  1. Channelize your Emails:

Are you constantly checking your emails so that you don’t miss out on even a single customer? Worried about your Welcome-emails? Want to update your patrons with the latest events and celebrations? An automated program will not only communicate on your behalf but will also send an alert to your customers as and when required. A miss you email will be sent if the customers haven’t placed an order for a long time. Blog posts about the food industry and the latest dishes will hit the mailbox to keep the customers updated. An email requesting the customers to share their dining experience can assist you in making the respective changes. 


  1. Track your Loyalty rewards:

A lot of time and money can be saved if the loyalty rewards are automatized. No longer the employees have to take the strain of punching and printing the cards. A single registration will allow you to save the contact details of the customers. Use the software to check if the customers have earned any rewards points, the unused points, the last redemption date, and other such offers and discounts.


Needless to mention that automate marketing has a significant impact on the hotel business. If you’re still struggling to manage your day-to-day clientele, it’s time to switch to automate marketing. 


Are you already using automated marketing? Yes! Do share your experience in the comment section below!

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