Sectors of the hospitality industry - part 2

As mentioned over the previous blog, any businesses that deal with customer satisfaction by meeting their leisure needs come under the umbrella of the hospitality industry. This industry comprises of several units such as theme parks, restaurants, amusement parks, cruise lines, along with these there are facilities like housekeepers, kitchen workers, bartenders, and many more. This multi-billion industry is dependent on leisure times, non-refundable incomes, and customer satisfaction. It is primarily divided into Accommodation and Food & Drinks, which are further subdivided into various sectors or services. The previous article dealt with the accommodation part of the hospitality industry and now we are going to explain about Food & Drinks.


  1. Food & Drinks

Food and drinks are essentials, but most food and drinks services come under the hospitality industry because this sector caters to all kinds of cuisine or varieties to the liking and satisfaction of the customer that is inclusive of locals, tourists, passers-by, or anyone. Moreover, this service is offered along with entertainment and luxury. These food and drinks are catered to the clients through a different medium and each one of them belongs to the hospitality industry.


  •         Restaurants: Restaurants are one of the service providers of food and drinks. You can consume the food in the same place or take away home. There are different varieties of restaurants that come under the hospitality industry like the fine dining restaurants, fast food joints, takeaway restaurants, and many more.
  •         Catering: Catering services are also a kind of food service provider that belongs to either a particular place or a remote location; they do not have to be the main service provider but an alternate. For example, if there is an event or a party, you can call a catering service provider to prepare and serve and drinks for you. These catering units can provide food at the parks, stadiums, event venues, and even hotels.
  •         Bars & Cafés: Bars and Cafés are a casual form of restaurants; as these places give a chance to socialize and enjoy food. While bars tend to serve both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks for the customers. Bars usually tend to serve beverages and offer entertainment too. Whereas, cafés target customers who indulge in coffee, tea, snacks.
  •         Nightclubs: The hospitality industry is all about giving luxury and catering to the customer’s needs, which even means looking after the entertainment in the night times as well. A place that serves food and drinks along with entertainment is a nightclub. These clubs serve alcoholic drinks until late in the night, at times few places play music, and dancing is encouraged. Each nightclub works on a specific theme catering to the locals, tourists, and all forms of customers.
  •         Tea and Coffee shops: Cafés, tea and coffee shops the functionalities of these two places are similar. Both the places serve coffee and tea along with some snacks. Having said that, tea and coffee shops are usually individual rooms located in a larger establishment or building such as hotels, which might include merchandise to take away such as teabags, coffee beans, or coffee mugs, and so on.

Now that you are little educated, about what the hospitality industry umbrella caters to, and the sectors it is subdivided into. Hope there is no room for doubt or confusion between this industry and other service-based industries.

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